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Handcrafted jewelry

by Daniela F.

Interior designer

Jewelry designer

Founder Df ARTelier

I'm Daniela F., I live in Lugano (Switzerland), and I founded Df ARTelier. Graduated in interior design, and in goldsmithery at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan.


Df ARTelier was born from the union of the word "art" and "atelier". Raised in a creative environment, I have always had a great passion for fashion and design. The jewel encompasses "the project" in which the two interests merge and materialize.


The approach to jewelry design is similar to architecture.


Everything starts from an idea, an ephemeral concept present only in the mind, in the imagination. From that moment you pick up a pencil, the jewel takes shape. Real Moodboards illustrate the jewel: sketches, drawings, prototypes, photographs, words and concepts.


Df ARTelier creations play on clean and fluid lines, contrasts between warm and cold colors, precious metals combined with stones and raw materials, typical of architecture.

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